I help clients dare to achieve their full potential. It’s a pleasure to share my story of founding yourSecondWind. On graduating in Finance in 1984, I started work in the City (London). My initial assignments were in Corporate Finance. The work was long-term project based, and lacked the immediacy or frequent client contact that I was looking for.
As luck would have it, I was seconded to a financial markets related role, and my energy levels soared. I then spent the next 25 years selling investments to Institutional Investors and Hedge Funds. I loved the process of building enduring relationships as a trusted advisor and the “thrills and spills” of ever-changing financial markets.
Naturally though, there were significant challenges en route, not least that I had to overcome the fact that I felt like an outsider. Unlike many of my colleagues, I didn’t  arrive with any connections, and I was a female in a solidly male bastion. My first few years were spent trying to fit in. However, as I gradually gained confidence and saw examples of some very successful people who didn’t fit the traditional mould, this changed. I came to two valuable realisations:

#1. I needed to be myself.

Giving myself permission to relax into being me turned out to be pivotal to my enjoyment and success.

#2. Functional excellence is insufficient

Even if I did want my work to speak for itself, I realise that functional excellence is insufficient. The ability to build diverse networks and positive perceptions are crucial to getting exposure and to developing power and influence. I had a vested interest in learning these skills in order to have a chance of reaching my potential.
As my role expanded, my interest in developing others too led me to study for a Life Coaching qualification in 2005. I found the practical experience of coaching others extremely fulfilling, and my interest in the subject grew.
I remember precisely where I was sitting when, in 2006, I read about a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology (“MAPP”). In an instant, I knew that this study of “what works” at the individual and organisational levels, under the direction of the father of Positive Psychology, Professor Martin Seligman, was for me.
I resolved to deploy my strongest powers of persuasion and secured agreement from my employer to fly to Philadelphia for the course each month. MAPP helped me discover my second wind. I’d get straight off the “red eye” on a Sunday and start writing one of my papers, fuelled by fascinating personal interactions and learning. It’s amazing just how much power and energy there is in enjoyment and the pursuit of a meaningful goal.

Three words, one life
Three precious words: “my Second Wind” or “your Second Wind”.
This phrase is very familiar in the context of physical challenges. We encounter an almost impossibly high hurdle and yet, by digging deep within, we find a much-needed reserve of energy. Momentum to get across the finishing line ensues, closely followed by exhilaration, even if tinged with relief!
Similarly, in our professional and personal lives, we all experience times when we are seriously challenged emotionally or intellectually and are flagging. We can feel that we are running out of steam in striving to complete a project, build a team or business. Or we can find ourselves off track or struggling to manage the many transitions we encounter.
Sometimes we end up accepting the status quo, as the “path of least resistance” seems the simplest. Yet when we find the resources to harness our second wind, we are on the way to tapping into our full potential.
The good news is that while time is strictly finite, our energy isn’t. I help people like you tap into your latent reserves, deploy energy renewal strategies and navigate career and business transitions. I am committed to seeing my clients achieve far more than they ever thought possible as they move to a bigger, bolder, brighter life.
Change, whether of our own making or otherwise, can be both daunting and exhilarating. Firsthand experience in different fast-paced roles for US, European, and Australian institutions have helped me understand the dynamics of transition. While the details of each experience vary, getting to the bottom of what we truly value pays dividends in setting and possibly altering the direction of travel.
Then it’s a case of navigating a path—understanding that, inevitably, there will be obstacles en route. The perspective, encouragement and accountability provided by an experienced coach can be invaluable in helping provide both clarity and impetus.
Are you ready to harness your Second Wind? Subscribe here  to  receive 10 secrets to unleashing your full potential. You will soon be able to have a sneak preview of my new book too.
My wish is for you to lift your eyes to the blue sky of possibilities and to benefit from and enjoy your next transition as much as I have mine.
The last word goes to the view from my window last week – what will you accomplish with your Second Wind?

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