Your bigger, bolder, brighter future lies head.

Have you ever finished a gym class or personal training session looking cool, calm and collected? Of course, you haven’t. Instead, you are more likely to be dripping in perspiration, red-faced and in urgent need of a shower. Most us find it nigh on impossible to exert the same amount of effort when we are training alone. Funnily enough, we can’t inflict quite as much pain on ourselves! The role of the instructor is to stretch us physically and mentally while keeping us injury-free.

Similarly, one of the essential roles of executive and business coaches is to help clients achieve far more than they could possibly achieve on their own. Most people muddle through or rely on their family and friends. Then again, most people don’t reach their full potential. Coaching isn’t for “most” people but for those who are interested in being exceptional.

My focus is on working together to broaden the vision of your opportunity set and then making choices in alignment with your values and priorities. Frequently, I find that these have been submerged and need to be unearthed and re-ordered as you take control of your future. The next crucial stage is to work out what needs to change to unleash your full potential and for you to achieve the appropriate return to effort. Commitment to action is what delivers your return on investment. Your very willingness to consider investing in your future is a great sign that you value your one precious life.

You may be feeling risk averse. This may be due to an uncertain employment situation and a “devil you know” sentiment. Alternatively, you may be a high-flyer who is trapped by your current high status and high income. In both cases, imagine yourself one year and five years from now and ask yourself how you will feel if you don’t shift the status quo. What is your motivating “nudge to budge”? Who helps stretch you and keeps you accountable so that you’re on track to your bigger, bolder, brighter future? Nothing great can be achieved in isolation – I help ambitious people dare to achieve their full potential.

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