Imagination and perseverance

 Imagine yourself with your sights firmly on the main chance – your epitome of success. You do everything in your power to achieve your objective of being the person who is “out front”. You meet with some success but not the universal acclaim that you had hoped for. What do you do next? There are three main options: keep going full steam ahead, change course entirely or make some adjustments.

Let’s assume that you make the decision that you will be better off unbundling the services that you offer and instead of being the front person you are willing to provide the backroom role. This is vital to the operation, can be highly lucrative but doesn’t have quite the buzz or glory that you had always hoped for.

You meet with huge success in this backroom role which comes naturally to you. Your output is prodigious and the accolades roll in.

Let me introduce you to the Australian musician, Sia. In the mid 90s she released a solo album in Australia and subsequently moved to London and became the lead vocalist for Zero 7. She then went solo again and met with varying degrees of success. Her real claim to fame came when she focused on song writing. She had the enviable knack of writing hit songs in collaboration with the likes of Rihanna and Flo Rida  and was a rip-roaring success.

Perhaps you would be inclined to leave it at that. I can easily see the merit in doing so. This could be seen as a very happy ending.

Turning back to Sia though, she still had the solo bug and in 2014 released her sixth album. Her seventh followed in 2016. What is particularly intriguing about this one, is that she marketed it in the most unorthodox way. She was unabashed in publicising the fact that the songs on the album had been picked out of her “rejects” box. She went as far as calling her album “This is Acting” to underline that the songs had been written for other singers to perform. This is what I call gutsy.

Sia’s story  serves to remind us that routes to our ultimate destination can be circuitous. With imagination we can put our experiences en route to work for us in the most unexpected ways. As Einstein said, “Logic will get you from  A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Very few people have a linear path to the top – making  the most of  twists and turns is the hallmark of the fulfilled.

Here’s to a bigger, bolder, brighter future.

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