Are you taking responsibility and being the leader of your own life?

This question can be interpreted at two levels.

  1. Are you assuming responsibility for your actions and thoughts?

Do you see yourself in the driving seat with your gaze ahead and with constructive self-talk? Or are you beset by doubts, uncertainty or lethargy and are taking a backseat in your own life? Even more alarming, are you asleep at the wheel?

For many of us, the answer is situational dependent. In some areas and periods of our lives, we successfully navigate our way ahead. We then reap the satisfaction of having overcome challenges enroute. Yet, in other circumstances, we take a backseat. There are times when this makes eminent sense. It is part of an intentional choice to “rest and reboot” or is part of our prioritisation process. However, it may simply be reflective of a state of drift.

Serendipity can be a good friend.However, we need our eyes to be open to recognise it. Drift does not lead us to fulfil our potential. Is it time to get your hands back on the wheel?

  1. Are you are taking responsibility in the sense of seizing it?

What response are you having to the word seizing? Early in my career, I remember the most senior person on a panel advising us to seize responsibility. He argued that waiting to be offered responsibility was a passive and limiting strategy. Instead, he urged us to get on the front foot by stepping up and taking responsibility.

I could see that this is a fulfilling and magnetic approach when couched in terms of assuming accountability. It was a different matter when associated with “passing the buck.” The idea of what I thought of as “grabbing” responsibility seemed a distasteful concoction of being pushy and obnoxious. As time passed though, I realised that the best leaders I knew were confident and brave rather than timid. This was in terms of trying new approaches, accepting that growth inevitably involves making mistakes and in having the backs of their teams.

This reframed seizing responsibility for me. I no longer saw it as self-serving but as the hallmark of the engaged person who was willing to stand up and be counted. Is this you?

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