Authenticity brings with it a sense of being at one with yourself. We can easily identify people who are authentic and are naturally drawn towards them. This is especially so for those in leadership positions. Equally, we are highly attuned to detecting when lip service is being paid.

All top often, as we overlay expectations, both of our own and of others, we can lose touch with who we really are and what we truly want.

The seven steps to reconnecting with the real you are:

  1. Assess what you value by reflecting on what evokes a strong negative reaction.
  2. Consider the extent to which you feel compromised.
  3. Identify the circumstances where your values fit well.
  4. Consider the extent to which you are living by your own values.
  5. Discover your ‘character strengths.’
  6. Have a values discussion with a close friend.
  7. Commit to being true to yourself.

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