What’s your personal brand? We are totally familiar with consumer brands conveying an impression. After all, a designer handbag is so much more than a container and a sports car so much more than a means of transport.

While people are full of complexity and contradiction, our words and actions send out signals. Have you considered the signals you are sending out? Are these consistent with what you wish them to be? When we understand our values and are intentional about living to these and putting our best foot forward we have an image of our best selves. We can then move towards making this image a reality.

In the same way that a luxury brand has to be of indisputable quality, your own brand has to stand up to close scrutiny. Is it congruent with your actions and values? There can, or course, be an aspirational element as we all have off days.

If you had a coat of arms or tattoo what would it say? What is your mission? A clear definition and constant reminder will provide focus and help you unleash your full potential.

Seven questions to determine your brand — your shortcut to recognition

Think of the identity/image that describes your best self. Have fun getting your creative juices flowing by considering the following:

  1. What animal best describes you, and why?
  2. What food, fashion, cosmetics, electronics, or car brand do you aspire to be like, and why?
  3. What three current roles do you love?
  4. What three adjectives describe you at your best?
  5. What three things do you love doing?
  6. Which three people do you admire, and why?
  7. Which three people would you describe as wise?

Once you have had fun considering the various elements behind your “best self” brand, the next crucial step is to reflect further on the values, attributes, actions, words, and deeds that fit with your brand. This is a congruent, living brand and is all about the ‘real’ you, even if modelled on your better moments. You will be putting your best self forward — it is not about creating a fake persona.

My motto is ‘bigger, bolder, brighter’ and my mission is ‘to help ambitious people dare to achieve their full potential.’

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