New meets old

Take a look at the pictures above. What do you see?

In the CBD in Sydney there’s a construction site on a corner. Nothing remarkable in that you may be thinking. You will easily be able to picture the scene of people scurrying past, many looking at their mobile phones.

For those who do look up and around, they will see that the hoardings show historical scenes of Sydney. At first glance this may appear to provide an interesting historical perspective. For those who pause to look properly, they will notice that there is more to these pictures than initially meets the eye.

The hoardings form an installation by Rachel Harris entitled Double-take. It is designed to challenge existing perceptions and encourages a sense of fun and playfulness for the commuter. Each of the pictures contains contemporary features, such as a helicopter, drone, skate board or road sign which are out of historical context.

Would you pass by these hoardings totally oblivious to them? Or would you take a quick glance, without stopping to see their significance and enjoy Rachel Harris’ wit? Lifting our eyes and broadening our focus can reap surprising rewards.

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